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NiJeL worked with MIT's Civic Data Design Lab and CUNY's Brooklyn College to develop the Cash City module for the ground-breaking City Digits project. Supported by the National Science Foundation, City Digits is a project to develop and pilot integrated curriculum resources and web-tools that support high school students' learning of mathematics. Cash City, City Digits' second module is focused on pawn shops and alternative financial institutions and was pilot tested in two rounds in 2014. City Digits brings data into the classroom is by using mapping as a language to communicate a complicated issue. Students can explore familiar areas on a map, at various levels of scale, in terms of socioeconomic and other measures, toward the development of a data-informed understanding of the topic and its significance. For that reason, a mapping API is at the center of the City Digits tools. On top of this are a host of image, audio file, and text media-upload features that allow students to augment data presented to them with their own observations.

Your Data, Transformed


At NiJeL, we transform our partners' data into stunning visualizations such as dynamic maps and easy-to-understand dashboards, with real-time charts and graphs. We develop custom, flexible databases to improve our partners' efficiency and maximize their community impact.

Many organizations feel overwhelmed by the need to organize their own data while also paying attention to new data sources, such as social media or online government and NGO databases. At NiJeL, we work in close collaboration with our partners to make sense of and modernize their data so they can harness actionable information from their many data streams.

Our custom systems for data visualization, analysis, and participation enable organizations to utilize various information streams, visualize and analyze their data quickly, and open two-way lines of communication and participation with the communities they serve and the public.

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Contact Us

We accept all kinds of Hellos.

NiJeL partners with organizations aiming to improve the quality of life for communities around the world. We work with organizations and projects that span cultures from local to global in scale. Our partners include formal large or small NGOs, for-profit companies, government entities, international organizations like the United Nations, and self-organized community groups.

We love talking about data and mapping ideas. We are always looking for new partners and projects so please contact us. We have experience forging relationships with funders of data projects and we may be able to help you with grant-writing.

Email us at jd 'at' nijel.org, lprashad 'at' nijel.org, or nsjones 'at' nijel.org, tweet us @nijel_mapping, or follow us on Facebook. Thanks!