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Sound Health Explorer

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Working with Save the Sound, a bi-state program of Connecticut Fund for the Environment, NiJeL developed the Sound Health Explorer as a tool to increase understanding of water quality conditions in Long Island Sound and to activate local and regional solutions to improve those conditions.  The first iteration of the Sound Health Explorer focuses on the health of Long Island Sound's coastal beaches and the bacterial pollution that leads to beach closures and water quality degradation. We have paired the bacterial data with other datasets that further characterize our waterfronts and may assist in identifying contributors to local pollution problems. Rainfall is also featured on the site, allowing us to see which locations suffer from bacterial contamination as a result of wet weather overflows and runoff, and which locations suffer bacterial contamination in dry weather as well.

Your Data, Transformed


At NiJeL, we transform our partners' data into stunning visualizations such as dynamic maps and easy-to-understand dashboards, with real-time charts and graphs. We develop custom, flexible databases to improve our partners' efficiency and maximize their community impact.

Many organizations feel overwhelmed by the need to organize their own data while also paying attention to new data sources, such as social media or online government and NGO databases. At NiJeL, we work in close collaboration with our partners to make sense of and modernize their data so they can harness actionable information from their many data streams.

Our custom systems for data visualization, analysis, and participation enable organizations to utilize various information streams, visualize and analyze their data quickly, and open two-way lines of communication and participation with the communities they serve and the public.

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NiJeL partners with organizations aiming to improve the quality of life for communities around the world. We work with organizations and projects that span cultures from local to global in scale. Our partners include formal large or small NGOs, for-profit companies, government entities, international organizations like the United Nations, and self-organized community groups.

We love talking about data and mapping ideas. We are always looking for new partners and projects so please contact us. We have experience forging relationships with funders of data projects and we may be able to help you with grant-writing.

Email us at jd 'at' nijel.org, lprashad 'at' nijel.org, or nsjones 'at' nijel.org, tweet us @nijel_mapping, or follow us on Facebook. Thanks!